Response to submitted question-Post baby Diastasis help!

A mama wrote in asking about how best to begin to address healing her diastasis at home.  Here is a step by step of what I practiced to heal my significant diastasis.

1. Breath work

Lie on your back with the knees bent and the feet flat.  Make sure the lower back has not flattened to the ground and yo have the natural curves of the spine.

Begin to inhale fully focusing the breath into the back and side ribs feeling the entire rib cage fill with the breath.  Watch that the belly does not "puff" out greatly as you inhale. Exhale letting everything naturally come back to center. Repeat for 10 rounds of breath.

This is to teach the breath to move into spaces other than just the belly

2. Breath work + the subway

Imagine there is a subway track from where your belly naturally resides today, all the way back to the spine, which we will call the 6th stop along the track. If you could draw the navel all the way to the spine, that would be the 6th stop.  

Keep the inhales exactly the same breathing into the back and side body but this time as you exhale and hop on the subway, draw the navel back to the 3rd stop along the track.  Keep the belly at the 3rd stop as you inhale and with every exhale attempt to move the belly along the track to the 6th stop. Repeat for 10 rounds of breath.

3. Chair work- you will need a yoga strap, mens tie, or towel.

Sit up tall at the edge of the seat with the feet hip width distance apart and firmly planted.  You will hold each end of the wrap in either hand at navel height. The strap presses against your back and crosses in front. So that when each hand pulls, the strap gets tighter.

Putting it all together.  Taking all of the breath work cues, inhaling into the back and side body and as you exhale, draw the navel to the third stop along the subway track.  While this is happening, you pull both ends of the strap tightly so it acts as a corset drawing the muscles back to center.  Release the grip on the strap as you inhale keeping your belly at the 3rd stop and as you exhale toward the 6th stop, once again pull the strap tightly. Repeat for 10 rounds of breath

Do this daily and you will notice big changes rather quickly.