Why are we normalizing the peeing of the pants of adult women??



I saw a commercial the other day that was really disappointing.  As a former pants pee-er (thanks to years of running, marathons and 3 babies), I find it appalling that Celebrity Brooke Burke is endorsing Poise pads for daily wear to soak up your urine, instead of educating women about how they can likely cure themselves or at the very least minimize the occurrence of the pants peeing.  With pregnancy or age alone, a woman’s pelvic floor weakens. This can cause urinary frequency, stress incontinence and general incontinence.  But much, if not all of it is repairable.


My oldest child is 7 years old.  Recently a classmate’s birthday party was at a trampoline park.  Because I have done all of my pelvic floor work, I was able to enjoy jumping with the kids, as were the dad’s. Literally every other mom was sidelined with fear of leakage.  One mom suggested she’d run to CVS to buy pads for them…..  Of course I interjected. I couldn’t help myself. This is my PASSION! Yes today, buy pads at CVS, but let’s all learn how to stretch and strengthen our pelvic floors so we can support our organs and jump, laugh and sneeze worry free!! 


Regardless of what the gorgeous Brooke Burke or any other celebrity endorses, women cannot accept pants peeing, low belly bulging or back pain as a side effect of pregnancy or aging! Below are links to my previous posts that will help you address any of these issues.


Practice these regularly and then jump with joy!!!!