"How do I start to heal my diastasis so that I don't look pregnant any longer and can get a flatter tummy for summer?"

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Thousands of women will benefit from your open honesty! The next blog post will be directed at the specific exercises we need to heal diastasis and flatten the tummy, but the breath is the most important place to start! This piece will carry through into all of the exercises I show you, so if you start, you have a head start! Ready GO!

Dear Karly,

So I love what you've been working on and admire so much your work passion and dedication, needless to mention how amazing you look. But above all what a healthy happy mama you are and that tops it all. a healthy happy mama is a healthy happy strong united family I know that takes much work sacrifice and dedication so kudos to you- especially while raising attending and caring after a family of 5.

Anyway, looking forward to your next blog post not sure how much I can benefit without being able to actually attend your workshop from all the way out here in FL L

But I already learned from your first post on what my main problem is, I have Diastasis Recti and never even knew. Makes TOTAL sense now, since my belly has looked pregnant now for years even much after having my babies. Like you I have had 3 pregnancies in very short period not even brake between my last two between nursing and being pregnant again. Anyway, everything, EVERYTHING you mentioned on your post I live & feel on a daily basis. I've pretty much put myself on a back burner for years, and had not been able to focus on me or figure out how to make time for myself to take care of me- I know- MAJOR MAJOR MISTAKE. If mommy is not strong healthy & happy we all know what that does....

I have finally decided to get my body in shape & reclaim it for myself. I jumped on starting T25 challenge & also Xtendbarre (XTENDBARRE.com)similar to PureBarre, just to start getting my very fluffy out of shape body back to being strong and healthy. But NOW I've discovered I have this Diastasis so I'm not sure if I should even be doing all those very hard aggressive ab/core exercises. Not sure if they work against me instead of help me...? I wanted fast results so I wanted t do these 2 more active "aggressive" "programs" so I could wear a damn bikini this summer! Ugh!   What movements/exercises should I be avoiding? And how can I can close the Diastasis gap and avoid reopening it again... certain movements including getting out of bed the wrong way may affect it I read... OMG! I was so excited about my way to getting in shape for the Summer, but now with this Diastasis seems it will be so much more challenging. J My Diastasis is 4 fingers wide…is there even hope for me.

ANY advice you have for me would be greatly appreciated. I know u are a busy mama, and I respect your time. If u have any links or suggestions let me know. I wanna get to the other side but wanna do it right and the healthy way. I don't wanna go into this and make it worse.

Thanks so much. Wish I could attend one of ur workshops, or you come to FL J

It's all so inspiring. I need more people like you in my life. Very inspiring.

This is my tummy.

Diastasis is tricky. I think we look in the mirror and see our still pregnant looking bellies and think, “right 5,000 crunches 5x a day oughta do it”! But in reality when trying to heal diastasis and flatten a post baby tummy, less is SO much more! Possibly the easiest and most important thing to do is notice where your breath fills when you inhale. If you are constantly belly breathing (the belly puffs out when you breathe in), every time you inhale, you are stretching out your belly muscles and creating more space between the abdominals. If you can think about pulling the belly up (like you’re zipping your tightest pair of pants) keep that as you breathe in, you’ll notice that the breath fills the back body. Breathing in this way will keep the abdominals closed and will give your back a nice little massage. More to come Tuesday….. until then breathe well!