"Mommy can you be pretty like the other mommies..."

“Mommy can you be pretty like the other mommies and wear dresses and lipstick when you pick me up from school?” 

I am a yoga teacher.  I wear my hair up with leggings on and tank tops nearly everyday. By the time I pick up my kids from school, I have sweat up to 3 different times so any application of makeup has slid off my face. I’ve never been a dress wearer.  The younger me was a total tomboy with a mullet. A legit mullet. Wait- make that a legit PERMED mullet.  I played with the boys, I wore boys clothes and ball caps almost every day to school and I didn’t wear makeup and my idea of a manicure was biting my nails short. There was very little dress wearing girl about me. Check out the photo. Can you tell which one is me and which is my brother?

SO my 5 year old little girl’s request for me to wear dresses and lipstick to pick her up from school feels very foreign.  Yes much of the above has changed. Mullets are no longer in fashion and my hair and nails are manicured by professionals.  But I still have not evolved into a midday lipstick and dress wearer unless I have a fun lunch date! So, I explained to my precious little girl that mommies come in all shapes, sizes and styles and my style isn’t so much dresses and lipstick.  She smiled and asked if one day I could just do it for a surprise.  I suppose I can do that.

This made me pause and think about all of the ways my kids have influenced my daily habits. I realize that no matter how trivial or funny their requests may seem to me, they are important to them and many times, I make changes in an effort to accommodate these requests and let them know that I hear them and I respect what they have to say.

What are some ways your kiddo has challenged your style or habits?